BigData Analytics Using Hadoop & Spark

Bigdata Analytics using Hadoop and Spark Training

What is Bigdata Analytics?

Bigdata Analytics is the process through which you gather a large amount of data from various sources and make sense out of it. It is a process that helps you boom your internet based business to a whole new level. With the power of Bigdata Analytics, it is possible to identify market trends and make forecasts based on the collected data. Big Data has found immense application in various sectors like social media, insurance, ecommerce, telecommunication etc.

A training programme in Bigdata Analytics will help you be an invaluable part of a company. It will help you gain top-level positions in a company where the responsibility of making major marketing and advertisement decisions will rest on your shoulders.

Course Focus

The BigData Hadoop and Spark training course aims at imparting end to end knowledge about Big Data using Spar and Hadoop. Backed by real-life projects, case studies and theory sessions, the course is meant to provide in-depth understanding of using Hive, Pig and analyse huge data apart from data integration on Squoop as well as Flume.

How Will Hadoop and Spark Training Help You?

With the power of Hadoop and Spark applications, you can have an immense knowledge in the field of Bigdata Analytics. The Hadoop framework will help you master several aspects of the Analytics such as HDFS, MapReduce and YARN. The Spark framework will help you manage real-time data received from several social media applications and news outlets that have the ability to affect the business of a company.

Not only will the Hadoop training in Chennai help you in understanding the basic theoretical concepts relevant to the Bigdata Analytics, but will also help you in gaining the necessary technical exposure in the field.

Course Syllabus

Some of the important aspects of the Hadoop training course in Chennai include

Introduction to Hadoop Big-Data

  • Theory of Big Data
  • Understanding basics of Data Structures
  • Requirements of Hadoop Architecture
  • Benefits of using Hadoop


  • Understanding architecture of HDFS
  • Java Programming for HDFS
  • Data collection and management
  • Compression Algorithms

MapReduce Programming

  • Theory of MapReduce
  • Input and Output variables
  • Programming for MapReduce
  • Debugging Operations


  • Understanding architecture of HBase structures
  • Web interface manipulation techniques
  • Tuning of performance


  • Understanding architecture for HIVE
  • Web server manipulation
  • Managing servers

Hadoop Ecosystems

  • PIG programming
  • Sqoop Programming
  • YARN architecture

Spark Architecture

  • Parallel processing
  • Spark Applications
  • Spark Algorithm manipulation

We also ensure that you have enough case studies, such as the study of Amazon Web services, as part of your syllabus to ensure that you understand the real-life applications of Hadoop and Bigdata Analytics.

Eligibility Criteria and Prerequisites

There are no set prerequisites for joining a Hadoop course. However, the knowledge of Java programming will help you a lot in getting through the basics of Bigdata Analytics quickly.

Job Opportunities

The Hadoop training course in Chennai will help you build a strong resume when you apply for a job at an IT-based company. The big data domain is one of the fastest growing fields with a lot of job opportunities. The knowledge of Bigdata Analytics will give you an upper hand over your competition while applying for a job at an MNC.


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