Data Science Training

DataScience with R and Machine Learning

What is DataScience?

Data Science is the knowledge of gathering information from various sources on the internet. It is the art of gathering knowledge that is not readily available by conventional methods. After gathering the data, the field of DataScience also incorporates the knowledge of making sense out of the data and generating strategies to flourish business.

There are several fields in which the knowledge of DataScience is invaluable. Fields such as health care, space exploration, automotive technology as well as sports require the in-depth knowledge of Data Science. Also, it is helpful in creating successful business models and implementing strategies that allow a company to make crucial marketing decisions.

R training and machine learning is also closely integrated with the field of DataScience. By the use of computational power, an expert in the field of R and machine learning in Chennai can study the market trends and define parameters for the success of a company.

Course Focus

A training session in the field of DataScience and R and machine learning is conducted with the aim of conceptualising the practical as well as theoretical aspects of the field. The course not only helps you master the R-programming for data import and collection methods but also teaches you how to manipulate the available data to make sense out of it.

How will DataScience with R and Machine Learning Boost Your Career?

With the knowledge in the field of DataScience with R and machine learning, you can apply for top MNC companies aiming for top-level positions. This training will help you get the necessary technical exposure in the field that is, in turn, the current demand of the DataScience field.

Course Syllabus

Some of the important aspects of the Data Science with R and machine learning in Chennai include,

Introduction to DataScience

  • Theory of DataScience
  • Practical examples of DataScience usage
  • Understanding simple and complex Data Structures

Introduction to R

  • Theory of R
  • Understanding variables and constants in R


  • Basics of R Programming
  • Reading, writing and scanning of data for R-programming
  • Graphical R-programming

Machine learning

  • Math behind machine learning
  • Classification of Data Structures
  • Correlation and regression of Data Structures
  • Prediction and Forecasting the Data Structures
  • Case Study of DataScience trends

Understanding Data science using R with Machine Learning

  • Analytics Orientation
  • R Intro
  • Data-Management using R
  • Testing of Hypothesis
  • Liner Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Trees
  • Clustering
  • Multivariate Techniques-Dependency
  • Exploratory Statistical techniques
  • Text Mining & Visualization
  • Machine Learning & Data-Mining
  • Machine Learning Supervised & Unsupervised
  • Forecasting & Time Series Analysis
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Pedagogy
  • 1. Lecturing cum Demonstration
  • 2. Quiz
  • 3. Case study
  • 4. Participants presentations

Datasets for project orientation will be given, most worked in real time environment.

Soft copies on R book and materials will be circulated.

Eligibility Criteria and Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for the course. However, expertise in probability and graphical Mathematics will help you get an edge over the competition. Basics of Core Java programming too are helpful in getting through the advanced levels of programming easily.

Job Opportunities

After completion of the course, you can apply for several IT-based MNCs. The Data Science with R and machine learning in Chennai will help you secure a job in top-level positions of a company where the decisions of marketing and advertisement will rely on your shoulders.


We provide the necessary certification for the DataScience with R and machine learning in Chennai which is recognised all over the world. At ITCoordinates, Chennai we ensure that our students are amongst the experts in the field of Data-Driven Science after taking up the course.