DevOps Training

What is DevOps?

DevOps Certification Training Course

DevOps stands as a compound word for “software Development” and “Information Technology Operations”. DevOps is a culture that is the result of the close integration of a group of individuals belonging different backgrounds of software development and software operations. With the knowledge of DevOps, you can get familiar with the various testing and code developing methods that were unknown to you before.

Just like Agile Testing is not a testing phase but an integrated software application development method, DevOps considers several factors of software development, testing and maintenance. A DevOps training will help you gain an overall knowledge of software development and testing methods currently employed in the world of computing power.

The field of DevOps involves a combination of two disciplines in IT i.e. software development and operations. The IT Industry used to follow a model where the Developer and IT op teams were separate entities. Though they had different functions, there were many areas in which there was interaction and inter dependence. DevOps helped to amalgamate these two functions into a single cohesive operation, thereby unleashing more efficient use of software at the same time ensuring stability of operations. The synergy of DevOps also gave a fillip to innovation and increased the efficiency of the system as a whole, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

Agile software development became a continuous development cycle instead of a waterfall development model. However, deployment was still stuck in the waterfall groove. What DevOps did was to combine different aspects of both, so as to evolve into an environment of cross-functionality with shared responsibilities. This brought software development and deployment within a single framework and made it into a continuously evolving model. It helped overcome inter department friction which helped the unit to function in cohesion. Customer requests could be handled much faster, leading to a happier customer.

Why do you need training for a career in DevOps?

DevOps has a wide variety of technologies under its wing. This makes it a fascinating and exciting career option which leads to rapid progress within the organization, as well as job satisfaction. We have developed a training program which is geared to a successful career in DevOps. You will be trained in a wide variety of technologies such as software, middleware, infrastructure, business processes and most importantly best operational practices in the industry.

According to experts in the field, the most important aspect of DevOps is the interpersonal skills crucial to those in the field. Our training will help you acquire the interpersonal skills required to make you a very successful DevOps practitioner. You a head start over the others. DevOps is an exciting new field with a world of opportunities for career progression.

Course Focus

The DevOps training course in Chennai is focussed on several aspects of the code development, implementation, testing and servicing. The course also involves building up a real-time project and checking its feasibility with the application market. The course gives special focus to the application development and testing phase to ensure that you can keep up the quality standards of your work.

How Will DevOps Training Help You?

The course will help you secure a job position that is over the other programmers or testers in the company. The DevOps Certification training Chennai will help you gain invaluable knowledge in wholesome terms. Post this training, you have opportunities open for securing a high-level position, in any IT-based firm or a company that deals with cloud computing and server management, easily.

Also, with in-depth knowledge of programming and application development, the DevOps training in Chennai will help you a lot in cutting costs at initial stages of the software-based business that you want to develop. DevOps Certification Training course is carefully designed to give you a wholesome knowledge in short period enabling you to kick off with your own start up without having to rely on too many people at a time.

Course Syllabus

Some of the important aspects of the Dev Ops Training include,

Introduction to DevOps

  • Theory behind application development
  • Understanding basics of programming
  • Understanding the DevOps essential tools

Using Automation and Build tools

  • Source code management
  • Understanding command codes for programming
  • Plugin Management tools

Testing of software

  • Automated Regression of code
  • Code deployment using Puppet, Ansible and Chef
  • Using the Trac tool

The course also involves the practice of building and testing your own application to understand the implications of the DevOps training.

Eligibility Criteria and Prerequisites

There are no set prerequisites for a DevOps training. However, a basic knowledge in the field of IT is helpful. Also, interest in the field of application development and Java programming will help you achieve expertise in the field in a small time.

Job Opportunities

After completing the Dev Ops Training, you will be able to apply for IT-based companies, at system admin, developer, tester or a supervisor position. A person who is expert in the field of DevOps is preferred over people who have a more focused training in one of the software development/testing fields.


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