Startup Company Services

Corporate Training

Based on your project or product requirement need to upskill your existing employees to new technology we will educate your employees to adopt to work in short term.

Contract Employee

If you looking for contract employee minimum 1 month based on your job description we will outsource within 15 days timeframe.

Skilled Freshers

If you require skilled freshers ready to work immediately also we provide from our acamdey well trained good performing engineers.


If you are looking for short term works to be completed without any contracts only based on work also we provide freelancers based on your technical requirement.

Colleges Universities


We provide emerging technologies semerinars on premises to your college by our industrial experts to create awareness for engineering students.


Helping your college students get placed in reputed companies while studying by conducting campus drive in your college.

Industrial Visit

Will help your students to explore industry process in daily basis by visiting companies and get indention from industry experts.