Industry Ready Training

Launch Pad (For Freshers)

While a IT engineer or Management graduate completes graduation without Job, they are pushed on to trust fake trainers and job consultants who does not maintain the promises and finally most of the 50% IT engineer or Management graduate diverted their career to Non IT with disappoint.

To avoid this kind of disappointments we guide them not only for career, we guide them the process and required technical knowledge to enter into IT job and sustain it for long term and transform them to a successful individual contributor by giving opportunity to work on our associate product – GOT CRM microservices product.

Never Give Up (For Lateral Entry IT Job Seekers)

Who has been continuously trying to enter in to IT industry for a long time for more than 1 – 2 years still not got chance to work in their dream IT job and frustrated with writing lot of aptitude test and not able clear technical rounds due to lack industry expectation and also been cheated with institutions promises on job assurance and placements.

We give them complete end to end guidelines apart from technical skills on complete agile process on delivering quality code in 2 weeks’ time frame and sustain as successful individual contributor by giving opportunity to work on our associate product – GOT CRM microservices product.

Come Back (For IT career break up job seekers)

Who have surveyed in IT industry for a while, due to some personal situations taken break from IT industry. Trying back to settle in IT career by upskilling technology to emerging technology adopting to current market trends.

We carefully guide them by not polluting much technical skills instead we brush up them with already known skill and guide with new technical versions skill sets strongly and help them to come back again and sustain in IT industry successfully by giving opportunity to work on our associate product – GOT CRM microservices product.

Survivor(For Active IT Engineers/Architects Professionals)

In this CI(Continuous Integration) and CD(Continuous Deployment) agility framework life cycle it is very difficult for an active IT professional who is willing to migrate or upskill their knowledge in trending technology and reshape their IT career to current market trends due to tight timeline on their daily work schedule and work life balance no space for upskilling, fully depended on recorded training videos and get trained by seasonal trainers no result on this.

We clearly understand this category learners prospective and give chance to work on our use case driven learning based on the technology they preferred to upskill with expert guidelines on our associate product – GOT CRM product.

Big Boss(For Active Managers/Business Analyst/Non Technical Professionals)

As IT industry is been transforming from Monolithic application to Microservices environment lot of redefining is happening in the Management role and responsibilities like TDM(Technical Delivery Manager)/SE(System Engineer)/Dev Lead(Scrum Masters)/ Product Owners(PO).

We are noticing many management IT professionals much focus on certifications but lack of understanding in the process of dealing in the recent SAFe Agile process on no more sprint works now it been migrating to Program Increment(PI) iterations. To adopt this kind of culture much expert guidelines required to get trained by current practices expert on this.